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What You Need To Know

If you have teeth in your mouth that don’t properly erupt through the jawbone and gum tissue, then they will become impacted. Impacted teeth might not sound like a big problem, but they can lead to major problems like bone loss, root resorption, or even the formation of cysts or tumors. Thankfully, here at Natalie B McCarthy DDS PA we specialize in oral surgery for impacted teeth like canines.

Canine teeth are essential for chewing and framing your smile, so let us make sure that we take care of any impacted teeth that might be hindering your everyday life.

Now you’re probably wondering how we find out if a canine is impacted. The first sign is that when you are an adult, your adult teeth should come through. If any of your adult teeth are missing, we will have to carefully inspect your gum tissue. The next step is usually an X-ray that will show the tooth’s position.


Now each patient is treated on an individual basis. If your baby tooth has yet to fall out, sometimes all it takes is removing the baby canine to make enough room for the tooth to erupt. For most people, oral surgery is what will help them the most. Where the impacted tooth is, the degree of impaction, and where the tooth is within the jaw bone, will all determine the process in which we will operate.

Natalie B McCarthy DDS PA is ready to work with you and help you with any problem you’re having with impacted teeth. If you are suffering with an impacted tooth or teeth, you don’t need to suffer any longer. Give us a call today and we will make an appointment with you and check if oral surgery is the way to go.