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Everything You Need to Know About Partial Dentures

There are all kinds of advanced dental treatments for patients who have one or more missing teeth – partial dentures being one of them. Whether you’re missing teeth from a sports injury, decay, or any other reason, we can help you. With partial dentures, you can quickly gain your confidence back!

What are partial dentures?
They are a removable partial denture that aids in teeth replacement. The replacement teeth are attached to a pink (gum)-colored plastic base (that might have metal framework) to hold the dentures in place. The dentures are comfortable to wear, look like your natural teeth, and are easy to remove when brushing your teeth or sleeping. Making your dentures will take a few weeks, but that’s only to ensure your partial dentures are made to fit your mouth perfectly and comfortably.

Who typically gets partial dentures?
Good candidates for partial dentures are those who still have one or more natural teeth in their upper or lower jaw. The dentures are to improve your appearance and fill in the spaces of missing teeth.

How can they benefit you?
You can eat, drink, and speak without having any problems with partial dentures. Though you have to be cautious of certain foods you can and cannot eat and how to eat them, eating will become much easier and enjoyable again! You’ll even be able to speak more clearly.

How do you care for dentures?
• Don’t wear your denture 24-hours a day; remove when sleeping
• Gently clean your partial denture each day; don’t use toothpaste; use a wet brush and denture cleaner or liquid dish soap
• Keep your denture in water or special denture soaking solution when it’s not being worn; rinse well before using it

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