What is a filling?

A filling is a restoration that can be used to repair minor to moderate tooth damage or decay. The filling is used to fill in the space left on the tooth after the decay and damage are removed. Once the filling is complete, it can restore the tooth to good health and function.

What is the difference between amalgam and composite fillings?

There are two main types of dental fillings: amalgam fillings and composite fillings. We are pleased to provide composite fillings at Dr. Natalie B. McCarthy’s dental office located in Greenville, NC. Composite fillings are made of a material called composite resin. This resin can be matched to your natural tooth color for a natural-looking, aesthetic effect. Amalgam fillings, on the other hand, are silver in color. In addition, amalgam fillings contain mercury, which may be harmful to your health. Composite fillings contain no mercury and are safe for your smile and overall health.

Do I need a filling?

If a tooth suffers from decay or damage, our dentist may recommend a dental filling in Greenville, North Carolina. After removing the decay from the tooth, we carefully clean the tooth, then fill it with composite resin. Our dentist skillfully shapes the resin to fit the tooth comfortably and aesthetically. We welcome you to call or visit us today to learn more and to schedule your next dental care appointment at our practice.

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