Oral Surgery Procedures for Greenville, NC

Oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure that is performed in or around your mouth and jaw. These procedures require the hand of a trained dental specialist as they require a specific set of skill that goes beyond general dental processes. The experienced professionals at Natalie B McCarthy DDS PA offer knowledgeable and compassionate oral surgery options to patients throughout the Greenville, NC area.

When is Oral Surgery Necessary?

Common dental procedures, such as implants, require surgery to begin the process. Oral surgery often involves both reconstruction and cosmetic procedures in order to obtain the desired result. A patient may require oral surgery for:

  • Tooth Removal
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  • Dental Implants
  • Reconstructive Surgery Following an Injury
  • Tumor Removal
  • Palate and Lip Surgery
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Oral Cancer

How to Prepare for Oral Surgery

Preparing for oral surgery is similar to the process of preparing for any serious medical procedure. The circumstances will change depending on the type of surgery you need. First and foremost, always make sure to follow any directions given by the dentist or the oral surgeon. Additionally, it is helpful to:

  • Make sure the space you’re returning to after surgery is clean, neat, and comfortable so you can focus on rest and recovery
  • If need be, set your bed up so you can sit and sleep at an incline
  • If necessary, arrange for transportation to and from your appointment
  • Always follow pre- and post-surgery instructions given by the oral surgeon

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Oral Surgery in Greenville, NC