What is a crown?

A dental crown is a type of restoration we may recommend to repair a damaged or decayed tooth. If a tooth’s damage is too extensive to be effectively restored with a filling, inlay, or onlay, our dentist may suggest a crown. The crown fits over the entire damaged tooth, starting at the gums, to restore the damaged tooth’s shape, size, and function. Each dental crown is custom designed and created to precisely fit your smile and to comfortably, effectively restore your oral health.

Do I need a dental crown?

When a tooth is decayed or damaged, Dr. Natalie B. McCarthy will carefully evaluate whether a crown is the best available option for repairing the tooth. Crowns are very versatile; in addition to repairing damaged teeth, a dental crown in Greenville, North Carolina, can be used to:

  • Strengthen a tooth that is fractured or weakened
  • Attach a dental bridge
  • Improve the function and appearance of an irregularly shaped tooth
  • Protect and seal a tooth following root canal therapy
  • Cover and complete a dental implant
  • Enhance the appearance of a severely spotted or stained tooth

If your smile requires a crown repair, we welcome you to reach out to us today. We are eager to improve your smile!

Dental Crown Procedure

If you are a candidate for crown repair, rely on the dental practice of Natalie B. McCarthy, DDS, PA. The procedure generally requires two visits. At the first visit, our family dentist will apply local anesthesia and use dental tools to reshape the tooth. This will prepare the tooth for the crown by making room for the crown to fit over it. An impression is taken to create the crown and a temporary tooth is put in place. At the second visit, the permanent dental crown will be cemented in place. First, the temporary crown will be removed, and then the dentist will make sure the new crown will fit just right. If adjustments need to be made, you may have to come back again.

Caring for Crown Repairs

Your crown does not need any special care other than continuing to follow good oral hygiene practices including brushing and flossing. Avoid hard and sticky foods to prevent damage to your new crown. It should last for many years depending on how well you care for it and follow good oral hygiene practices.

When it comes to dental crowns, you have choices as one crown does not fit all. The dental practice of Natalie B. McCarthy, DDS, PA, serving the Greenville, NC area, can help determine if you are a good candidate for crown repair. For more information or to set up a consultation, please give us a call today.

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