What is tooth extraction?

If a tooth is damaged beyond repair, our dentist may recommend tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its place in your jawbone. Dr. Natalie B. McCarthy and her team work hard to keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime; some cases, however, may make tooth extraction the best available treatment option.

Do I need a tooth extraction?

Our dentist may recommend tooth extraction in the following situations:

  • A tooth is so severely decayed, injured, or damaged that we cannot effectively restore the tooth
  • There are too many teeth to properly fit in your mouth, resulting in extreme crowding
  • An infection has destroyed a large portion of the tooth and supporting bone structure

What to expect in recovery?

After you have come out of oral surgery, there are a few things you must keep in mind, so you can have a quick recovery, avoid the risk of infection, and be in as little pain as possible. The first is, take it easy and relax. The day (and a few days) after surgery, you should plan on resting and taking it easy. If you do any strenuous activities in the days following surgery, you could cause the surgery site to bleed and dislodge blood clots. Make sure you follow all instructions provided by your surgeon and team. They will tell you when you should ice the area, brush your teeth, etc. If you follow these two steps, you shouldn’t experience any problems while in recovery.

We are happy to discuss tooth replacement options with you both before and after your tooth extraction so that your smile can stay in good health and function. If you have any questions about tooth extraction or oral surgery in Greenville, North Carolina, please feel free to contact our dental office today. We are dedicated to helping you improve your dental health.

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